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EMAP-West Data Browsers

The Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program (EMAP) is conducting a pilot study in the western United States. This study will advance the science of ecological monitoring and demonstrate techniques for regional-scale assessment of the condition of aquatic resources in the 14 western states in EPA Regions 8, 9, and 10 (shown below). The EMAP-West Data Browsers are a demonstration of a versatile communication device for our landscape ecological assessment products, reports, assessments, data studies, and analysis tools.

The EMAP-West Data Browsers allow the user to view and download the geodata used in the pilot study area landscape assessments, as well as landscape metrics examples created with ATtILA v3.0 (Analytical Tool Interface for Landscape Assessments, ArcView 3.x extension).

To view the individual EMAP-West Data Browsers, click on the map pilot study areas or text / thumbnail links below. To return to the EMAP-West Data Browsers page, click on the "EMAP - WEST PILOT STUDY AREA" text in the background image at the top of the Data Browser or use your Internet browser "Back" button.

The EMAP-West Data Browsers are not within the new EPA template and cannot be displayed as "text only" or within Internet browsers that do not support frames and JavaScript.

Northwest Oregon Northern California Southern California Southern Rockies EMAP-West Pilot Study Areas



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